My Favorite BBQ Beef Recipe

As a Kraft Blogger for I had the opportunity to review the Kraft Recipe Makers. I wanted to share my favorite BBQ Beef recipe with you all and tell you why you need to get your hands on the Kraft Recipe Makers! Before you leave thinking it’s going to be long and tedious wait right there.. it’s a three ingredient slow cooker recipe!! Ok four if you add the bread. 😉

BBQ Beef Recipe

As you know I’m a proud Texan, and Barbeque is second nature to us. When I received the packages and saw the Kraft Recipe Maker for Hickory BBQ Beef I have to admit I was skeptical.. How would it taste? Would it be any good?

First of all the one thing that intriqued me was that inside the Kraft Recipe Maker box were two bottles. One to cook the meat with and then the sauce for it to simmer in once it was cooked.

BBQ Beef 1

That’s right.. The meat (you can use a roast, sirloin, round steak cuts) ,the Brown Sugar & Cider Vinegar Simmer Sauce out of the Kraft Recipe Makers box and into the slow cooker it goes. Slow cook on Low for 8-10 hours or High for 4-6. Depending on the size of your meat too the meat could cook faster. Low and Slow is how I like to use our slow cooker.

Go out and take care of your errands knowing you’ll have an amazing dinner almost ready when you get back. Oh if you’re a bread snob, go out and pick up some nice rolls for your BBQ Beef sandwiches! I’m going to enjoy this dish sans the bread on cabbage and carrots maybe a light dressing.

For the last 15 minutes of cooking pull the meat out and shred it and place back in the slow cooker. Add the other bottle from the Kraft Recipe Makers box and sauce it up! Fold in the sauce and let it simmer on low for 15 minutes.  And then enjoy!

Oh if you are looking for another great snack/dinner item for Super Bowl you can make little mini-sliders! The possibilities are endless with this delicious meat.

sauce it up

You can check out the rest of the Kraft Recipe Maker recipes at MyMilitarySavings!


Have you tried Kraft Recipe Makers?


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    I haven’t tried the Kraft Recipe Makers, but this looks so easy (and yummy!) that I am definitely planning on adding this to our menu in the next week or two. I think my husband would love this!

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    Funny, I was just telling my husband I need more crock pot recipes to get me through this semester of school. They’re such a lifesaver for busy schedules.

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